New Feature

GenMyModel now allows you to replace the Archimate shapes with any custom images. This new feature opens new possibilities and below we will show you two examples. Currently, it is available for Archimate diagrams only. Supported image format is SVG. For more information about SVG image format check here.

Example 1 - Shapes

In this example, all the shapes used for this diagram have been replaced by custom images (*.svg files).

Archimate Diagram Example - Data from Smart Devices

Place a shape on your work zone and select it. In the Properties side panel, inside the Appearance block, click on the Shape drop down menu. Press the Upload New SVG button and select the desired image file.

Example 2 - Using Canvas Images

In this example we are using a very common business canvas image.

Archimate Diagram Example with Custom SVG Canvas

First, place the Grouping tool from the toolbar. Then, like in the first example, upload your canvas image for the background.

Insert any needed shape from the toolbar, to complete your canvas.