This is valid for the following UML relationships:

  • Association
  • Composition
  • Aggregation
  • Association Class

Show/Hide Labels

UML relationships have three visible properties:

  • End Names
  • Multiplicities
  • Association Names (hidden by default)

Each of these properties can be hidden separately or together.

Right-click on the association to display the right-click menu and place the cursor on the Show/Hide labels, then select the needed option - All, End Names, Multiplicities, Association Name.

You can also show/hide each label individually. Right-click on the label and select Hide.

Warning : Clearing association end names will invalidate your model and result in code generation error

Error Examples

'Name should be set'

Below you have some pictures with error examples that will appear in case the association end name is erased.

Error Example - Java code generation

Error Example - SQL code generation

End Name appears as 'null' - Image Export