Welcome to the Axellience plugin for Jira. This plugin will bring to Architects and Developers a whole new dimension in Agile Collaboration between them. 

Concretely, Software or Business Architects will be able to start Jira task sessions very quickly, directly from the Axellience Editor, and for any diagram element. Any model changes will be registered in the Changes side panel. By selecting the elements of a diagram, the Changes side panel will display all the changes made on it.

Now, on the developers side, they will have a clear picture about all the changes made with a model, by checking simply relevant Jira tasks.

In this guide we will see how to :

  • Start and Stop Jira Task Session from the Axellience Editor
  • Open Jira task from the Axellience Editor
  • Check a diagram changes in Jira

What's new ?

The plugin adds some new features in Axellience Editor :

  1. Changes side panel, beside the Discussion side panel
  2. Start and Stop Jira Session buttons in the Tools menu
  3. Active Jira task ID button
  4. Jira task assignment notification

Axellience Editor new features

On the Jira side there is only The Axellience Model Changes dedicated drop-down menu, inside a task (pictures below).

Jira task new feature

Start/Stop Jira Task Session from the Axellience Editor

So, to access the Jira tasks list from the Axellience Editor, use the Tools menu and select the Start JIRA Session line.

Then, select a desired task from the list. To found the task using the Search Bar, select first the Jira project. When a task is founded, press the Start work session button at the bottom right, to assign you this task.

All the changes made during a Jira session will be registered in the Changes side panel and visible inside that Jira task. It's not possible to erase any changes.

Jira session can be stopped at anytime using the Stop JIRA Session button in the Tools menu. In this case, changes are still visibles in the Changes side panel, but aren't more associated to Jira tasks.

Tip : To move to another Jira task, press the Start JIRA Session button again, without stopping the current task

Task view in Jira from the Axellience Editor

There are 3 ways to open a task in Jira :

1. Pressing the top task ID button, which indicates your current Jira session.

2. Pressing task ID button in the Changes side panel. You can open any other Jira tasks this way.

Jira task ID buttons

3. Pressing on the task lens icon in Assign a Jira task to your work session window.

Assign a Jira task to your work session window

Check a diagram changes in Jira

Jira Kanban board example

Open a desired task in Jira and press THE AXELLIENCE MODEL CHANGES field. You will see there a complete list of changes made in Axellience Editor, during the Jira session.

Jira task window

Model changes list in Jira task