Warning : Valid only for TEAM / ENTERPRISE plans 

One of the GenMyModel key features is Real-Time Collaboration. It allows you to work on the same project in real-time, as in Google Drive. It means that you can edit, move and delete elements of all the diagrams contained in the model. Collaborators see the changes in real-time.

In this tutorial we will see how to start collaborate in GenMyModel, through some very simple steps.

Let's suppose that you have already a GenMyModel account with a free plan and you would like to invite someone from around the world to work together in real-time on your project. 

So, where to begin?

1. Plan Subscription

First of all, you need to subscribe for TEAM / ENTERPRISE plan, depending on your needs, from the Subscription page of your GenMyModel dashboard.

2. Create Organization

After that you will be able to create your organization and invite someone to join it.

3. Invite users to join your organization

Note : If you didn't sign up using a Google or GitHub accounts, before inviting collaborators, think to confirm your e-mail address through a validation link you receive at the creation of your personal space

Invite users to your organization, so they become membres of your organization.

Path : Organizations > Members > Invite users to join 

Click on and in the Members tab press the  Add Members  button, enter one or more e-mail addresses (separated by commas only) and validate.



Invited users will receive an invitation e-mail and if they don't have yet the associated GenMyModel account, they will be given temporary credentials in the invitation e-mail.

Info : Your model will not be visible to the invited user user until he confirms the invitation e-mail

4. Create a Team

Path : Organizations > Teams > Create team > Add members 

In case you need to assign a project to an entire team, you need first to create it.

Click on the Teams tab and press the  Create a new team  button. Once the team is created, you can add members from your organization into the team using the  Add members  button. 

5. Add member(s) / team(s) to a project

Path : Projects > Settings > Add Collaborators 

Finally, the last step consists in adding members to a project. Open the Projects page, press on the project name or on the settings button (key icon).

Then press on the  Add collaborators  button and enter the member username or team name. When ready, press Add collaborators button to confirm. That's all. 

Info  : Shared for collaboration models will appear in the users Projects page only after accepting the invitation to become a member of an organization 

6. How to see joined collaborators?

When someone joins or leaves the same model, there is a pop-up message which appears briefly at the top. 

All the connected collaborators are visible on the top right side of the horizontal toolbar, with different colors and the username first letter. And when one collaborator is selecting an object, it  highlights  for the others. 

7. Discussion Side Panel

In the upper right corner you'll find the Discussion side panel. It can be used as a chat and a notepad at the same time, to discuss, leave notes or comments about your project.

8. Collaborators Permission Levels

The owner of the model has a control over the use of the model by the collaborators and can change the rights of each collaborator at anytime.

Check the permissions table below for main differences.

PermissionsView Project Versions / PropertiesView Project ContentModify / Create Project ContentModify Project Properties
Can only View VersionsYESNONONO
Collaborators Permission Levels  

Watch Model History of your collaborators

Restore previous version