This tutorial will help you start modeling Archimate diagrams in GenMyModel.


Note : GenMyModel is an modeling tool (with intelligence algorithms behind), not just a drawing tool.  


We will start with creation of a New Project from the GenMyModel dashboard.  


Once it's done, press the Open in Editor button to open the GenMyModel work environment.   

Archimate Diagram Example - Insurance Claim Process

Create Grouping

Drag&Drop the Grouping tool from the toolbar to the workspace OR select the Grouping tool from the toolbar > click on the workspace > resize it by dragging borders or corners of the grouping element.

Rename the Grouping

1 - Double-click on the grouping name to change it.

2 - Select the grouping element > change the name in the Properties side panel (bottom left).

Create Shapes

Drag&Drop the needed shape from the toolbar OR select the needed shape from the toolbar > click on the workspace.

Tip : To create multiple elements faster, after selecting a tool, hold Ctrl key and click on the workspace as much as necessary

 Business  : Location / Business Collaboration / Business Function / Business Event / Representation / Business Actor / Business Interface / Business Interaction / Business Object / Product / Business Role / Business Process / Business Service / Contract 

 Application  : Application Component / Application Collaboration / Application Interface / Application Process > Application Function / Application Interaction / Application Service / Application Event / Data Object 

 Technology  : Facility / Equipement / Material / Node / Device / System Software / Technology Collaboration / Technology Interface / Technology Process / Technology Function / Technology Interaction / Technology Service / Technology Event / Artifact / Communication Network / Path / Distribution Network 

 Motivation  : Stakeholder / Driver / Assessment / Value / Meaning / Goal / Outcome / Principle / Requirement / Constraint 

 Strategy  : Ressource / Capability / Course Of Action  

 Implementation  : Work Package / Implementation Event / Deliverable 

 Migration  : Plateau / Gap 

Add Shape Own Properties

Select the shape / grouping element > select the Custom Properties tab from the Properties side panel (see pictures below) > click on Add Property button > fill the Key and Value fields > press the Valid button.

Create Relationships

Way 1 - Magic Connector

Select the shape / grouping element > use the Magic Connector icon from the Contextual menu > select another shape to join it > choose the needed relationship from the drop-down menu (check the animation below).

You can also find the Magic Connector tool on the toolbar.

Way 2 - Toolbar

Select the needed Relationship from the toolbar > click on the shape > click on another shape to join it.

Move Relationships and Labels

To move and adjust relationship line, select it and play with Horizontal toolbar that will appear above (see picture below) OR move it manually by dragging the line bold points.

To move relationship label, select it and drag to the needed position (see picture below).

Rename the Relationships Label

Double-click on the label to rename it.