Welcome to GenMyModel, the Leading Online Modeling Platform!

This article will provide you with all the information you need to get familiar with the GenMyModel dashboard and to start modeling in the GenMyModel editor. 

First of all, GenMyModel is composed of two parts: Dashboard and Editor.

  • Dashboard - account managing

GenMyModel Dashboard

  • Editor - work environment

GenMyModel Editor

The dashboard allows you to:

  • Manage your projects: create, delete, preview, images download (PNG, JPEG, SVG), collaborators management (invitation, rights), visibility (private, public, organization), versions management, projects moving
  • Explore public projects: very fast research and preview, more than 800.000 community public projects available to GenMyModel users
  • Manage your subscription: subscription upgrade/downgrade/change/cancel
  • Manage your organization: add members, add teams, change rights, configure Atlassian plugins (Confluence, Jira)
  • Manage your Personal Information: update e-mail address and personal/company information, change password, delete account
  • Configure personal Atlassian plugins (Confluence, Jira)

In the upper right corner you will find the main menu, where you can quickly switch between your personal space and organisation context, open a support ticket, change language (English, French) or logout.

Dashboard Main Menu

Home page

That's the page you will see after logging in your GenMyModel dashboard. You'll find there a small overview of your activity:

  • Recent projects
  • Recent activities
  • Links to GenMyModel social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Access to the GenMyModel forum to share your opinion and suggest improvements

Home page

Projects page

All accessible projects are shown on this page, depending of the dashboard context (personal/organisation) and your rights.

Projects page

The project page includes:

- Search bar to find a particular project based on the project's name

- Two filter bars, one based on project type (UML, BPMN, Flowchart, etc.) and the other, based on project visibility (Public, Private or Organization)

- Sort bar to sort projects based on their name or creation date

Explore page

The explore page contains more than 800.000 public models. You can view them and clone in few clicks. To open the dedicated web page, click on  GenMyModel Public Repository  at the top-right.

Explore page

Subscription page

The subscription page makes it easy to manage your subscription by yourself at any time. The Free subscription gives you a plenty of possibilities for your imagination, without almost any borders.

You will need to upgrade only if you have some special needs, like Team Work, Unlimited Private Models, Traceability, etc.

Subscription page


Manage simply your organization. It's possible to create an organization (TEAM/ENTERPRISE plan) or to be invited to join one or more organizations. All of them will be visible here in the list.

Organizations page

User Profile

This page contains all your personal information, including security management and your e-mail address. GenMyModel account can be delete from this page using the bottom-right button.

User Profile page

Warning: To delete your GenMyModel account, think first to stop your paid subscription from the Subscription page