UNLIMITED model size with FREE plan very soon

Enjoy modeling even more with GenMyModel, without limit in size of your projects for FREE.

Coming soon :)

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As you have noticed, there is no more model size limit, it's finally unlimited for everyone :)

Enjoy modeling with GenMyModel!

Thanks, that's great! Is something planned in roadmap to improve sharing in free plans? Or provide some lower-priced plan with improved collaboration?

Will be good to have ability to open the specific diagram in second computer in interactive mode (maybe even as readonly), for see not only image (svg) of diagram like now, but also allow to see element properties with realtime updates, like in editor?

For example, to view text description and custom properties of some class attribute / operation via clicking on it.

Currently I can only send to my customers links to SVG of needed diagrams, and draw descriptions for element as Comment widget, and duplicate all description in it. Also I must tell to press "Refresh" after every my change made, when discuss it via phone call.

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