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unique URL to reach each diagram


We would like to refer to diagrams from a Markdown or Latex documentation (for generating doc with pandoc, overleaf, jekyll).

It should be possible to refer to any diagram via an URL (with an authentication if necessary) ideally by choosing the format with content negociation or file extension : svg, png, xmi, umldi, ... or editing in GenMyModel.

Ability to version would be great with additional extension to URL to refer to : last_published, last_under_work, or a fixer version (ie 1.0.0, 1.2.0, ...).

It would greatly help for dissemination of GenMyModel in organisations.

Regards, Frédéric BAUCHER, INSA-ROUEN.

To be cancelled : Sorry, I discovered today that this feature is already available !

Sorry again : when cancelling my request, I thought it was possible to refer to a specific version of a project with the URL. It is not possible so I maintain my request to access any diagram of project in a given version of that project.


This feature is already available.

With{PROJECT_ID}/dagrams/{DIAGRAM_ID}/svg you can get the current (working) diagram version.

With{PROJECT_ID}/{VERSION}/diagrams/{DIAGRAM_ID}/svg you can get the diagram in version VERSION.

VERSION has to be an existing version like 1.0.0 or 2.0


Great, thx, have a good week end, Fred.

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